All products we use for facial and body treatments are made in France and Italy, such as Maria Galland, Ella Bache, and Thalion. These companies have been successful in their business for well over 20 years, and famous in anti-allergy, anti-sensitive, noticeable improvement. You can reach for more information about our products.

Equipments- Facial

Chromo Lifting Machine

A machine that has the multiple processes of ultrasonic scrubber and chromotherapy. It combines the technologies of ultrasonic, micro-dermabrasion, bio lifting, product penetrations and absorption. It benefits the skin on dark circle and eye bag of eyes, scars, losing skin, and pigmentation.

Bio-Therapeutic Computer E-2000

An advanced skin care centre offers a number of cosmetics and health related benefits. Besides anti-wrinkle, scar/stretch mark reduction and muscle toning, it also improves lymphatic drainage, pigmentation disorders and dermatology disorders. By focusing on these important areas, they are able to take years off a client's face and increase the healing potential of the human body.

Equipments- Body

Ultrasonic & Burning Fat Equipment

The equipment gathers the functions of ultrasonic, vibration wave, negative pressure of suctions, fat draining and sliming up. It has fast effect on hard fat tissue, veins and the eliminating toxic of the lymphatic system in the body. The functions of penetration are working into deep layers of skin with ultrasonic, strong suctions and fat burning through vibration and high frequency which can be operated separately or combineed to make various treatments.

G5 - High Speed Vibration Fat Burning Machine

It can loosen up hard fat tissue, increase blood circulation, full body exfoliations through high speed and vibration with different size and shapes of vibration parts in order to get different results.

Infrared Ray Spaceship

Equipment works on detoxification to improve blood circulations, boots up immune system and metabolism. It can make you soaking wet from head to toe in only 30 minutes treatment through infrared ray instead of heat, which goes into skin tissue deeper and faster.