Advanced Treatments

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting freezes fat non-surgically, reducing unwanted bulges in your body. This technique has no downtime and results natural looking fat reduction. At 2nd Look Spa, we use the latest Cyrolipolysis technology to safely control the cooling needed to freeze the fat cells under the skin. Once the procedure is over, your body will naturally process and eliminate the dead cells. With our Ice Shaping IV Pro Cyrolipolysis Machine and the handpiece attachments, we can do nearly whole body fat freezing. There is no need for surgery, needles, and definitely no downtime needed so you can achieve the body shape you desire and get back to work immediately!


Electrolysis provides a solution for permanent hair removal. We use the latest, computerized machines by a certified electrologist. Various session lengths are available:

Minimum (5 Minutes) – $18

15 Minutes – $25

30 Minutes – $42

45 Minutes – $55

60 Minutes – $70

Pigment and Brown Spot Removal

Our IPL process also remove brown spots and other pigmented spots formed on your skin from UV-radiation exposure.