Swedish/ Deep Tissue Massage (30 minutes)– $48

Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) – $80

Back Treatment (60 minutes) – $85

Body Wrap

De-Stress Body Wrap (60 minutes, Tranquility Relaxation Infusion) – $98

Urban Detox Wrap (60 minutes, Water Retention, Toning, Cellulite) – $98

Add-on Mini Facial (Facial Scrub, Massage and Mask) – $49

Lymphatic Massage

A massage that enhances lymphatic circulation, leading to improved water retention, detoxification, and a slimmer image.

Lymphatic Drainage (50 minutes) – $80

Lymphatic Drainage (75 minutes) – $115

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is applying pressure to your feet, relieving stress and tension. We offer 60 minute sessions – $55

Close up of a beautiful young woman receiving stone massage at spa center

Hot Stones Body Massage

The heat from the hot stones help relax your muscles, allowing stress and tension relief. This treatment is 75 minutes long – $95